Marble Blast Gold

Marble Blast Gold 1.4.1

Are you ready to roll?

Marble Blast Gold is an arcade action game with simple yet addictive gameplay, suitable for players of any age. In the rich cartoon landscape of Marble Blast Gold, players will race their marbles through moving platforms, dangerous hazards, sparkling treasures and power up enhancements in an effort to complete each course in record time.

Marble Blast Gold introduces new players to the game with a set of progressively more difficult beginner training levels, each designed to showcase a power up or game hazard.

The hazards players will face in Marble Blast include powerful fans, whirling tornados, land mines, pinball-style bumpers, narrow catwalks, moving pistons, dizzying chasms, and more.

To get past these obstacles, players can find and use five different ability enhancing power ups - the SuperSpeed, SuperJump, SuperBounce, Shock Absorber and Gyrocopter.

Some levels contain gravity modifiers, which allow the player to change the direction of gravity.

Marble Blast Gold comes with 100 whimsical and challenging levels, as well as the ability for advanced players to craft and share their own levels.

Each level has "gold standard" set for the high score, so you can test your skills against the record 'gold' times. Marble Blast Gold is sure to provide many hours of fun for the whole family.

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Marble Blast Gold


Marble Blast Gold 1.4.1

User reviews about Marble Blast Gold

  • thenavywayisbe11

    by thenavywayisbe11

    "Wish they had the full version."

    This is only the demo, they should have the full version, but otherwise download went well..   More.

  • nadia.shiblie

    by nadia.shiblie

    "i love the game"

    I like the game and it is so much fun. I played at my coison's house and I was addicted, but im upset that i can't do...   More.

  • delilah.morris.100

    by delilah.morris.100

    "why is it not giving me my GAME?"

    THIS SUCKS! where is my game? it wont give me the game that i wanted. i mean what is going on here????????!!!!!.   More.

  • sam6279

    by sam6279

    "I WANT MY GAME THAT I DOWNLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    it wont show up and ive downloaded it like 3 times what do i do?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!11!?!?!?!?!??1 GRRRRRRRRR I W...   More.

  • nhdefneqw;rneufwekntu

    by nhdefneqw;rneufwekntu

    "Best Game Ever!!!!!!"

    My school has this game and they downloaded 1 cd on to every computer in the school! I has tons of levels, fun, and c...   More.

  • never buy

    by never buy

    "never buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    never buy this from garage games mostly because IT WOULDN'T LET ME PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so retarded, and th...   More.